Sunday, March 16, 2014

The journey has just begun. March Newsletter.

       God is faithful! Indeed, I am starting this newsletter off with such a purposeful statement. Because, He alone deserves the glory. Also, I am often without eloquent words, especially when my mind wanders about on the wonders of Gods amazing faithfulness. Just reverent adoration, and immediately proceeded by a deep longing for more of Christ in my life. Every day. Upon examining God and His faithfulness the last few years, even among my constant failures. It has caused my thought process to deepen, and my mind to often meditate on what He has done, and is currently doing in my life. So, this is a personal blog about Him. His faithfulness. His ministry. And His work, in my life and on this earth. All glory to God.

First of all, God has done a great work in consistently changing my plans. For the better. Therefore, I know it's Him doing the changing, and not my own self-centered desires. He directed me to come to YWAM Montana (as I mention in a previous blog: "Hearing Gods Voice") to train in a 3 month audio engineering course in September. During my schooling I made the decision to come back here after my school for a 6 month period of time to help finish building the new recording studio, as well as disciple and staff the next audio production course in April. Since I've been back though, God has been working on changing my short term goal and desire, into His long term goals and desires. It has been a constant pressing on my heart and mind, and I know it's leading towards a lifelong pursuit of missions. My vision is: I want to use the gift of recording/gospel to impact unreached people(s) and places from all around the world. My struggle is: I want to go, now! The Lord however, has been constantly dealing with my vision and molding it into His divine vision, and in His proper timing. A very humbling thing I might say. You lead Lord. I'll follow. 

What's next? 

Well, my overall plan (God will still change what He wills) is to continue diving into even deeper Biblical studies, reading courses, theology, discipleship, and audio engineering. As well as training and discipling students stateside and overseas. Currently, I'm submitting a 2 year application here at YWAM Montana for a full-time volunteer staff position. What this means for me is that i'll be able to focus and humbly devote myself to growing and discipling on this missionary base, while also having countless opportunities to go overseas to reach the nations. My heart is not to stay in the states, but to go, and boldly share Gods faithfulness to a lost generation. We get monthly emails from our overseas contacts about going to equip/teach/reach and serve in unreached areas, as a mobile recording ministry. Exactly my desire and vision! Which I see that God is orchestrating right in front of me. Oh yeah, did I mention that God is Faithful? So, this is just a short update, as well as a plain examination of Gods faithfulness, His divine power, and timing in my life, and for all of us missionaries. I humbly ask for prayer warriors to back me up in this leap of faith, as I trust Him who is leading me. He is our provider, our sustainer, and above all else, He is our faithful savior.
Thank you! My dear friends. 

"I the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the gentiles."  - Isaiah 42:6

From the mountains of Montana, or to the ends of the earth.
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- Jordan Scarbrough 

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