Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello! From “YWAM” Baguio City, Philippines.

This is Jordan Scarbrough, and I’m currently in Discipleship Training School in The Philippines. Being discipled and receiving Missionary Training through the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in the University Of Nations Credited College. The DTS was designed to help young people catch hold of God’s vision for their lives, to encourage them that they can do great things with God right now. It is part of “Youth With A Mission “(YWAM) in Baguio City, Philippines Vision. The DTS is dedicated to reaching my generation and equipping us to fulfill God’s destiny about our lives. I think it’s an amazing way to hands on learn how to share the gospel, learn deeply about who God who is, and to see my life changed.

Every year, YWAM International sends out thousands of people (pre-teen to retired) all over the world on short-term mission trips. YWAM begun with the vision of waves of young people crashing onto the shores of other nations, ministering to the broken-hearted and witnessing to people about Jesus. YWAM seeks to disciple young people, so they can bring the kingdom of God to the rest of the world. We are getting to do things together with children in orphanages, pray with people on the streets, teach morals to youth, and in local high schools, Lead worship, and even give out shoes to needy kids! (TOMS) And also, currently learning dances, dramas, and how to freely evangelize. This is a cultural experience in understanding God’s heart for another city/country, while also training me to be more influential with my peers when I come home. Our training has begun in Baguio City, Northern Philippines.

After 12 weeks of training, we’ll leave for an outreach mission for 9 weeks. Last week I owed 25,000 Pesos still for schooling tuition fees ($600.00) American. And with 50 dollars in my bank account… We agreed for a week of fasting and interceding in deep prayer to see what to do next. A week later, Monday morning the 22nd I received the shocking news that someone in the Philippine’s anonymously paid my tuition IN FULL. Such a HUGE Blessing. An answered prayer! And a major Faith-Building experience. But with that, I have also learned that in the book of James, “Faith without Works is Dead.” So I am working hard to raise the 25,000-40,000 Pilipino Pesos, ($800.00 - $1,000) American, for the cost of my outreach fees coming up soon.

- I will be recording an Acoustic Demo CD with my I/phone-Mac set up, and will try and raise any funds and donations towards outreach. Because I know that I cant do this by myself, I am asking you to be apart of my support team. Would you pray about giving financially towards my mission? I am also looking for any prayer warriors out there during these next few months being here. Please let me know if you can give or pray!

I am happy to update you on the amazing things God is doing through the ministry here. And I’d love to hear from you, you can E-mail me:

- Thank you for your prayers and support. -

Blessings from The Philippines!

Jordan Baxter Scarbrough

Monday, August 15, 2011

God Will Provide Our Needs.

Blessings From Baguio City, Philippines!

The first 3 weeks being here in YWAM DTS have been truly amazing!
Learning so much, and continually challenged daily in my Faith.
So Thankful and Blessed to be here being discipled.
Building each other up, Devotion. Prayer. Worship. Constant growth. God's provided!

  • First Week, we arrived here we settled in and got used to the daily schedule and routine of how the base is run.
  • Second Week, Lecture started with "Bible Interpretation" - Which was very intense and great knowledge to use in teaching/preaching verse by verse interpretation on the Bible.
  • Third Week, Lecture was on "Godly Relationships" - which was focused on Marriage, pretty deep study on healthy Relationships/Marriage, Thank you Lord!! :) haha
  • Fourth Week, Lecture is now on "Biblical World View" - Which is mainly on being Mindful of our thoughts, Conformed & Transformed to God's Thinking & Likeness. Deep!

> For a week we are going to Fast and Pray for the Financial funds for us all to stay in DTS.. Most the students here, Including Me, don't have all the funds in to finish the schooling. The Deadline to have our tuition in is next week... We need God to step in BIG, and anyone to help us where we are at. Praying diligently for ideas, we will use our given talents and abilities to try and raise Funds for our schooling this week. The rest is up to God.

- Please be praying for us, and that we will have all our needs for our Tuition taken care of.

The rest is up to God. :) He Will provide.
Blessing, and Love to you all!

Jordan Scarbrough,

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jesus & Music

So Thankful to be learning to play guitar again and to sing, God is good in breaking down Language barriers across the world, with Worship :)

Shadow of your Wings Acoustic. Live recorded on my iphone, Judy singing first verse in Chinese.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Discipleship Training School. YWAM

Yes, it's truly amazing seeing the Spirit work. 2 weeks ago I arrived to Baguio City, A Discipleship Training School In YWAM "Youth With A Mission" on the north island of the Philippines. Something that was so Spirit led I can't even describe how God worked out all the details. Not my plan at all, but heard the Lord so strongly telling me to GO to learn/grow.. So in obedience I have been here for 2 weeks now. Last week was our first full weak of lectures on "Bible Hermeneutics" - on Narratives=Book of Judges, Hebrew Poetry=psalms, and Paul's epistles=Philippians and tons of extra assignments, very challenging.. But am so humbled God put me in this place.. I have never grown so much in my Faith, knowledge, and understanding God's Calling for me to be in the Ministry. Leading worship, Leading Bible Studies, Preaching, ext... "God is Truly Stretching me" :)

The plan of now is, to be in the DTS through YWAM in Baguio City, Philippines for 3 months, then will be sent on a 3 month outreach mission somewhere in central Asia. "Still praying for Locations" This has been truly testing my Faith. I had a little over 2000 in my bank account - DTS schooling is 1650. And the outreach mission will be another 1500-2000 in 3 months. And it will go past December into January ( my original plane ticket for december 13 to be home for Christmas will be wasted)
- not exactly knowing when/how getting back to the U.S -
But God is showing me to truly obey and completely trust he will provide. :) Showing me Blessing after Blessing.

Life of Missions, Thank you Lord!
And everyone who praying, and supporting the Ministry.

Jordan Scarbrough.

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