Saturday, August 6, 2011

Discipleship Training School. YWAM

Yes, it's truly amazing seeing the Spirit work. 2 weeks ago I arrived to Baguio City, A Discipleship Training School In YWAM "Youth With A Mission" on the north island of the Philippines. Something that was so Spirit led I can't even describe how God worked out all the details. Not my plan at all, but heard the Lord so strongly telling me to GO to learn/grow.. So in obedience I have been here for 2 weeks now. Last week was our first full weak of lectures on "Bible Hermeneutics" - on Narratives=Book of Judges, Hebrew Poetry=psalms, and Paul's epistles=Philippians and tons of extra assignments, very challenging.. But am so humbled God put me in this place.. I have never grown so much in my Faith, knowledge, and understanding God's Calling for me to be in the Ministry. Leading worship, Leading Bible Studies, Preaching, ext... "God is Truly Stretching me" :)

The plan of now is, to be in the DTS through YWAM in Baguio City, Philippines for 3 months, then will be sent on a 3 month outreach mission somewhere in central Asia. "Still praying for Locations" This has been truly testing my Faith. I had a little over 2000 in my bank account - DTS schooling is 1650. And the outreach mission will be another 1500-2000 in 3 months. And it will go past December into January ( my original plane ticket for december 13 to be home for Christmas will be wasted)
- not exactly knowing when/how getting back to the U.S -
But God is showing me to truly obey and completely trust he will provide. :) Showing me Blessing after Blessing.

Life of Missions, Thank you Lord!
And everyone who praying, and supporting the Ministry.

Jordan Scarbrough.

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