Monday, August 15, 2011

God Will Provide Our Needs.

Blessings From Baguio City, Philippines!

The first 3 weeks being here in YWAM DTS have been truly amazing!
Learning so much, and continually challenged daily in my Faith.
So Thankful and Blessed to be here being discipled.
Building each other up, Devotion. Prayer. Worship. Constant growth. God's provided!

  • First Week, we arrived here we settled in and got used to the daily schedule and routine of how the base is run.
  • Second Week, Lecture started with "Bible Interpretation" - Which was very intense and great knowledge to use in teaching/preaching verse by verse interpretation on the Bible.
  • Third Week, Lecture was on "Godly Relationships" - which was focused on Marriage, pretty deep study on healthy Relationships/Marriage, Thank you Lord!! :) haha
  • Fourth Week, Lecture is now on "Biblical World View" - Which is mainly on being Mindful of our thoughts, Conformed & Transformed to God's Thinking & Likeness. Deep!

> For a week we are going to Fast and Pray for the Financial funds for us all to stay in DTS.. Most the students here, Including Me, don't have all the funds in to finish the schooling. The Deadline to have our tuition in is next week... We need God to step in BIG, and anyone to help us where we are at. Praying diligently for ideas, we will use our given talents and abilities to try and raise Funds for our schooling this week. The rest is up to God.

- Please be praying for us, and that we will have all our needs for our Tuition taken care of.

The rest is up to God. :) He Will provide.
Blessing, and Love to you all!

Jordan Scarbrough,

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  1. It is wonderful reading and experiencing your walk of faith bud!
    Now I need to get on my blog and do the same..
    Love you