Friday, October 31, 2014

Regenerated. Reformed. Reconciled.

With Reformation Day today, my mind has been fixed on the rich history, theology, and applicable aspects of the movement. So I disciplined myself to sit down and write out some of the ways in which we could grow in knowledge and challenge ourselves continually in the Lord. My intention is not to start a theological debate, or to argue for denominational differences, but to take a stance on historical Christianity.

I must preface this with saying that the immense topic of the Protestant Reformation is incredibly vast, and to simply scratch the surface of such God-written history does not give it proper justice. Therefore, in this summarized post I'd like to share just a few thoughts on this monumental time in the church's history; how it has impacted my life, and inspired me to know God and make Him known among the nations! 

Ever since the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, Biblical theology has impacted the Christian community in such a way that with a quick Google search you can easily become overwhelmed with the vast amount of theologians, doctrinal differences, and some so-called "Christian" beliefs that are gaining attraction (2 Peter 2:1). However, God has providentially kept and blessed His church with a sound Bible (2 Tim 3:16-17), with faithful pastors, evangelists, theologians, historians, and defenders of the faith from the Reformation period that have greatly influenced much of the world today. With that said, I'd like to encourage us all to passionately pursue the Bible. We have so many incredible resources at our fingertips, and many reasons not to grow in complacency. Always keep in mind what our beloved Christian brother C.H. Spurgeon rightly said: "Visit many good books, but live in the Bible."

Who Were The Reformers?

What did the Protestant Reformation stand for? Well, when most historically educated people think of the reformers or even reformed theology, they often think of a man named Martin Luther and how he started an open debate against Catholic tradition, doctrine, practice, indulgences, and the church's authority. On October 31st, 1517, Luther posted his 95 theses (centered on the practices of the Catholic Church) on the castle door in Wittenburg, Germany. This event acted as a forceful catalyst for the Protestant Reformation, bringing about essential Christian doctrines and Biblical change (reform) to the forefront of the Church. However, the majority of and often Christians misunderstand reformers or reformed theology as radical Lutherans or Calvinists, and in their new theology, the doctrine of predestination is usually brought to the forefront. Yet, when you look historically at the main purpose and pursuit of the reformation, you see a central theme and concern for Biblical truth, for Christian souls, and for the church. Such men as Thomas Aquinas, John Wycliffe, John Hus, Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, Huldrych Zwingli, John Knox, and John Calvin, (to name a few) all rode on the back of St. Augustine of Hippo and all of the early church father's understanding of Biblical truth which was rooted in sound doctrine. Though these men and others would differ in theological nuances, they stood firm with inerrancy, infallibility, and sufficiency of the authoritative scripture. All holding to the Protestant Reform: "Justification by faith alone!".

As I said before, God's grace in the reforming of His church with such brilliant minds and with the defenders of the faith is so incredibly vast that I could go on and on, so I must stop myself now and bring this to some applicable thoughts.

Why Does This Matter?

The question should really be stated: "How can this matter more to us”?

1) Knowing this rich Christian history ought to give us a greater passion for God's providential glory.

2) Thankfulness for the reformation, which begun in the heart, and worked its way out to action. 

3) Pursue a faithful life of Biblical obedience and trust, even when traditions or culture don't agree. 

When we clearly examine God's sovereign hand in the reform of His church in the 16th century it ought to bring much joy and gratitude to the Christian believer. The Protestant Reformers paved the narrow way for sound Biblical teaching and thinking that greatly affects all of our Protestant churches today. So be confident of this, that He who has begun a great work in the church will finish it. Jesus promises us that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church! (Matthew 16:18) Therefore, my fellow believers and friends, take time to think often, pray continually, and always give God the glory for keeping His promises throughout history. 

 "I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God." - Martin Luther

Happy Reformation Day!

- Jordan Scarbrough

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Newsletter!

Dear family & friends!
It’s been entirely too long since I’ve written an updated newsletter to explain what God has been up to in my life of missions, so here is my condensed update! This past April through June I staffed the Audio Production Course in YWAM, Montana which consisted of Audio Production & Spiritual Development with students from all around the world training to be equipped audio engineering missionaries! It was an incredible privilege and honor to be apart of this, and to also see God work in and through the lives of our 4 volunteer staff members and our 5 talented students. This was also my start of stepping out in leadership and intentional discipleship and through this amazing experience God has given me a fervent hunger for deeper studies, education, and application of biblical knowledge. God is leading me into something amazing with this incredible desire to learn and teach and I’m excited to see what He continues to do in missions. 

"God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply."
 - Hudson Taylor - (Missionary to China)

Currently, I am back in Oregon spending August with family and friends while also serving and teaching in my local church. I will be heading back to Montana this September through December to staff again in our upcoming Audio Production & Discipleship Course. As many of you know Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a completely volunteer based Christian missions organization and all of the staff are completely supported by their own support groups. This is the hardest difficulty that I have ran into so far in missions; being completely transparent and humble about where I stand financially. Seeing how God has been tremendously faithful and gracious to those who seek Him and walk a missional life has encouraged me and I know that He will provide. My goal is to have a personal support team believing and backing me with tremendous prayer and with the minimal financial cost of living which is $400.00 monthly to further the work of the gospel from Montana to the ends of the earth. If you have any questions or if you would like to consider being apart of what God is doing through this ministry please contact me personally and I’d love to share my vision and heart for ministry. You can can contact me directly through the following sources.. 


Cell Phone: (541)-514-3937

Thank you all for your love and support through this incredible journey of knowing God and making Him know! - Jordan Scarbrough

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Temporary Pain, Eternal Glory.

When we are struck down by our momentary perils we must hold firmly to biblical and foundational truths, for our time of horrendous pain is meant for tremendous gain, attaining for us greater trust in His sovereign workings in our lives. There are countless verses throughout scripture that will comfort us in our time of need. Here are 3 scriptural truths which I have found incredibly beneficial for myself and that I have continually held onto throughout my trials. My hope is that this post will simply encourage and challenge us all. As you persevere through these difficult times, may God keep you and bless you. Amen

"Trials come to prove and improve us." - Augustine

1) This Trial Is Purposeful, And It's Working For Our Good.

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, 
who have been called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28

This is one of the most powerful and weighty verses I preach to myself every morning and evening. When we are walking along the path of obedience, we can rest secure in this unshakeable truth. Knowing that in all of our situations (easy or hard) He is working for our good. Whether it's your mothers cancer, a best friends death, or even your own unexpected and painful hospitalization. None of it is ever meaningless. God is directing all of these things with His divine purpose. This scripture is incredibly comforting and beneficial in any time of distress. If God himself is working on our behalf, then we can trust His sovereign and purposeful plan every step of the way. 

2) Our Pain Is Light And Momentary. 

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." - 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

In the midst of our trials it becomes increasingly hard to not lose heart, and to fully trust God. Therefore, we must lean on Christ alone as our everything, and rely on His divine sovereignty. This glorious verse compels me to see that our momentary hardships are not at all worth comparing to the eternal glory which we are promised. Our earthly bodies are going to waste away, but our spirit is being renewed everyday. For we do not know what God is up to in the midst of a painful situation, but we can hold firmly to God's promise of eternal glory in heaven. Now, this is an incredibly hard truth to grasp while we are submerged in the depths of a painful situation. In humility, we must continually seek and ask God for this kind of faith and divine help when we face difficulties. The Holy Spirit will comfort and carry us through any trial. He is willing and able to guide us. 

3) God Is Our Faithful Guide.

"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior, 
and my hope is in you all day long." - Psalm 25:5

This scripture in Psalms is a short yet powerful text with all-satisfying comfort. If God is our trustworthy guide, our redeeming savior, and our unshakable hope, then we can persevere to the end with Him by our side. Therefore, we are never alone along the pilgrimage of faith, especially in the most painful of times. I find great comfort and security knowing that our God is always there for us, even caring about the smallest of hardship. He is our faithful guide, leading us every step of the way. 

My prayer for us all is that God will continue to reveal the importance of these and other biblical truths. To find comfort in His divine sovereignty, and to be led by His faithfulness and strength. Amen. 
- Jordan Scarbrough

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.

Our lives will often take unexpected turns, and sometimes for the very worst. It is in these difficult yet providential experiences that our faith and trust in God's sovereignty becomes transparent. Giving us a unique opportunity as a believer to grow closer to Him. For our trials are never accidental, they are always purposeful. (Romans 8:28) Even if we don't understand why/how in the midst of our distress, God has a glorifying and eternal plan in the works for us. This is a sorrowful, yet always rejoicing testimony of what I recently have gone through. Also, in an upcoming blog I will be providing 3 scriptural truths which I have held tightly to throughout these trials. This is in all hopes to encourage and challenge my fellow believers. Hold fast to Jesus and His word. For when you do go through these hard times, you are never alone!

"Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing." - 2 Corinthians 6:10

The past month has been quite an experience for myself. It all started with waking up saturday morning March 29th in Eugene, Oregon on my first day of spring break from staffing in YWAM Lakeside, Montana. I woke up experiencing abdominal pain that didn't seem normal. The wrenching and pulsating pain lasted two days and by the third day at four in the morning I was brought to the local Hospital to seek help. After the nurses drew my blood they found that my white blood cell count to be half of would it should be. So, they rushed me into getting Magnetic Resonance Imaging (an MRI) to see what was wrong. Upon getting my images back they examined that my appendix had been inflamed and possibly ruptured. Due to urgency, they scheduled an immediate appendectomy operation on me (a pretty common medical procedure). I remember the vivid feeling of laying on a gurney while being wheeled into the operation room. The bright lights, the loud beeping, and even a glimpse of the surgical knives that were about to be used on my behalf. All I could do was pray, continually. I found out quickly that I couldn't pray clearly, or even utter a long and passionate prayer to the Lord, due to the morphine and whatever else they had in my system. So, I repeated these small outburst prayers. "Jesus be with me, keep me safe Lord, this is working for my good, guide me in your truth, this is only temporary, sorrowful yet rejoicing, I'm in your hands, let your will be done." These short yet powerful prayers were ingrained in my mind as I drifted away into my surgery... A shocking twitch later, I remember waking up in the recovery room while coughing up blood into an oxygen mask that stretched over my face. The mask was set on 15 liters per minute of oxygen, and from my prior work in the medical oxygen field I knew that this was a very serious situation. That amount of oxygen flow is often used when a hospice patience is going downhill quickly. I quickly found out that before my surgery my appendix had already bust, and during the operation both my lungs collapsed. The doctors had to perform an emergency intubation. They stretched a breathing tube down my throat (which cut up the inside of it) in order for me to breath properly. The cuts from inside my throat were the cause of the blood that saturated into my lungs, which also explained the bloody mask and painful coughing that I was experiencing. Not the kind of complications I expected. After I was stable enough the nurses were able to bring me to my hospital room. I finally examined the three incisions I had. One of them being a tube that was still inserted a few inches into my abdomen for draining all the fluid that the doctors used to clean the ruptured appendix and bacteria. What a scare that was to wake up to.. haha. The next two days were tremendously hard and painful in my hospital bed as I couldn't get up or walk at all. Very little rest in a place that never sleeps. I also decided to not take any medication after the day of my surgery due to my past drug use, dependance, and the overwhelming sickness it gave me. In doing so it cleared my head for deeper prayer and meditation in the word while in my hospital bed. Continually trusting God to help with the pain and healing process. Which He faithfully did. Finally, I was released Thursday April third, just seventy-two hours of being admitted into the hospital. The day of my release I remember sitting in my hospital room alone. Praying, thinking, and worshipping. The increasing tears begun to rush down my face. Not in anger, frustration, or any sort of physical pain. But rather, a rejoicing moment of gratitude and thankfulness of just being alive. Now of course, to die is gain. But, I realize that God has kept me here for His glory, and that He was not done with me yet. There is much work to do. Currently, I'm recovering very well and back in YWAM Lakeside, Montana. Staffing, studying theology, and discipling students in the Audio Production Course. For by God's grace and through your prayers of encouragement i'm alive and getting stronger everyday. His power is made perfect in my weakness. 

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.  - 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

I'd like to thank God for the amazing medical care that we have in this country. Most countries have very little if any medical care at all. This was something I sadly never payed attention to before visiting the hospital. We are beyond privileged here. I am also still overwhelmed by the love and support shown from my family and friends from all around the world. The countless hospital visits, prayers, phone calls, emails, letters, messages, etc. Your loving support and prayers have brought tremendous joy to me during these trials.
Thank you! 

Let His faithful words saturate our beating hearts, and let these providintial experiences bring us closer to Him. Every day, for His glory.

- Jordan Scarbrough

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The journey has just begun. March Newsletter.

       God is faithful! Indeed, I am starting this newsletter off with such a purposeful statement. Because, He alone deserves the glory. Also, I am often without eloquent words, especially when my mind wanders about on the wonders of Gods amazing faithfulness. Just reverent adoration, and immediately proceeded by a deep longing for more of Christ in my life. Every day. Upon examining God and His faithfulness the last few years, even among my constant failures. It has caused my thought process to deepen, and my mind to often meditate on what He has done, and is currently doing in my life. So, this is a personal blog about Him. His faithfulness. His ministry. And His work, in my life and on this earth. All glory to God.

First of all, God has done a great work in consistently changing my plans. For the better. Therefore, I know it's Him doing the changing, and not my own self-centered desires. He directed me to come to YWAM Montana (as I mention in a previous blog: "Hearing Gods Voice") to train in a 3 month audio engineering course in September. During my schooling I made the decision to come back here after my school for a 6 month period of time to help finish building the new recording studio, as well as disciple and staff the next audio production course in April. Since I've been back though, God has been working on changing my short term goal and desire, into His long term goals and desires. It has been a constant pressing on my heart and mind, and I know it's leading towards a lifelong pursuit of missions. My vision is: I want to use the gift of recording/gospel to impact unreached people(s) and places from all around the world. My struggle is: I want to go, now! The Lord however, has been constantly dealing with my vision and molding it into His divine vision, and in His proper timing. A very humbling thing I might say. You lead Lord. I'll follow. 

What's next? 

Well, my overall plan (God will still change what He wills) is to continue diving into even deeper Biblical studies, reading courses, theology, discipleship, and audio engineering. As well as training and discipling students stateside and overseas. Currently, I'm submitting a 2 year application here at YWAM Montana for a full-time volunteer staff position. What this means for me is that i'll be able to focus and humbly devote myself to growing and discipling on this missionary base, while also having countless opportunities to go overseas to reach the nations. My heart is not to stay in the states, but to go, and boldly share Gods faithfulness to a lost generation. We get monthly emails from our overseas contacts about going to equip/teach/reach and serve in unreached areas, as a mobile recording ministry. Exactly my desire and vision! Which I see that God is orchestrating right in front of me. Oh yeah, did I mention that God is Faithful? So, this is just a short update, as well as a plain examination of Gods faithfulness, His divine power, and timing in my life, and for all of us missionaries. I humbly ask for prayer warriors to back me up in this leap of faith, as I trust Him who is leading me. He is our provider, our sustainer, and above all else, He is our faithful savior.
Thank you! My dear friends. 

"I the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the gentiles."  - Isaiah 42:6

From the mountains of Montana, or to the ends of the earth.
Contact info:
- Jordan Scarbrough 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Perseverance: Stand up saints.

      I write all of this as a biblical Christian. One whom desires and seeks foundational truth in scripture, that will help edify us all to persevere and give glory to God along the journey. There is a modern day notion that has been carried through the centuries. In which, as a born again christian you could still somehow lose your salvation, faith, or belief in God completely. This non-biblical concept is one direct reasoning for many believers struggling tremendously in their walk with the Lord today. And even with non-believers, not seeing the point of coming to Christ at all, in fear of eventually losing their salvation all together. However, God is very clear throughout scripture on how He keeps His children in the palm of His hand. Firm and secure, forever. Many people don't agree, or just don't like the doctrinal terms: Perseverance of the saints, Assurance of Faith, and even, Once Saved, Always Saved. So, I personally have chosen to use my own: Once Secured, Eternally Kept. As a way for myself to stand firm in perseverance.

"I give them (believers) eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand." - John 10:28 | Jesus, addressing the shepherd (Himself) and His flock (believers) having eternal life secured in Him.

"Neither height not depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us (believers) from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." 
- Romans 8:39 | Apostle Paul, urges that we are more than conquerors in Jesus, our assurer and sustainer.

"They went out from us, because they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us."
- 1 John 2:19 | Apostle John, examines the non-believers going out from the faith because they were never truly saved in the first place. Along with the true believers who had remained and persevered in faith.

      So, we can see through the clarity of scripture, the question is not, Could I lose my faith? 
Or, Could I backslide (sin) far enough to completely lose my salvation? But rather, the real humbling question is, Am I truly saved? Moreover, Am I securely kept in God's hand until He brings me home to glory? Because, if you are a born again christian there is no question about it. "He who begun a good work in you will carry it onto completion." - Philippians 1:6 | Believer, that's a promise. 
Hold onto it in glorious times, and in the disastrous times that you have.
We are promised many troubles and struggles in this life.
Therefore, we will fall short often, and even backslide into worldly pleasures that are ingrained in our sinful nature. There is no question about that. However, the persevering believer must have a new heart that breaks towards that sin, and must always come back, humbly seeking God in genuine repentance and reconciliation towards a pure communion with Him. In Christ we can do all things. He is the one keeping, sanctifying, and sustaining us along the way as we walk out our salvation, and as we fight the good fight of the faith.

"The saints shall persevere in holiness because God perseveres in grace. He perseveres to bless, and there believers persevere in being blessed. He continues to keep His people, and there they continue to keep His commandments." - C. H. Spurgeon

From the mountains of Montana, or to the ends of the earth.
Jordan Scarbrough

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Ultimate Treasure.

       There are many thoughts I often ponder along my christian walk. Just one. Probably the most important one, is when I try to fathom just how precious Jesus truly is. I mean, truly, It's impossible. Jesus, the messiah, who 2,000 + years later is still radically redeeming His lost people(s) from all around the face of the earth through missions. 
He's regenerating precious hearts and souls towards the deepest love. 
In spirit and in truth. Even when, we have countlessly shaken our blood-bought fists back at Him. Telling Him, No! And yet still, He's calling His sons and daughters back home towards glory. Oh how He loves us.. 
He is faithful. Growing a steadfast spirit within us, which fruit ought to bear holiness and righteousness, in Him.
This to me my friend, is the ultimate treasure! The glorious work of our Savior in action. Right now.

For where your treasure is so your heart will be also. " 
 - Matthew 6:21 - Jesus

        I've recently been thinking to myself. As I often do. About how it's so easy to forget such a wonderful truth. Why do we not really understand, think, or even meditate in prayer often, on the ultimate treasure that we have? Which is Christ. Of course, we occupy and busy ourselves in daily life. But, I know it's easy for many people to think of this truth "Jesus being our treasure" as merely eloquent speech, a theological concept, or worst of all, a non-existent thought in the brain at all. Now, my hope that this stirs our thinking and even our hearts towards a deeper search and longing for Jesus. An inexcusable urgency. If you're a believer, Jesus is everything.
Our consuming pursuit in life. Our all in all.

"The man who has God for his treasure has all things in one." 

- A. W. Tozer

My prayer for us all, is to better understand and encounter our savior in a deeper way. We have a heavenly storehouse that is full to the brim of treasures in which we cannot merit, or buy. It's in Jesus! 
Get alone with Him, and allow Him to be your ultimate treasure in life. 
Forever & ever. Amen.

From the mountains of Montana, or to the ends of the earth,
Jordan Scarbrough