Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Ultimate Treasure.

       There are many thoughts I often ponder along my christian walk. Just one. Probably the most important one, is when I try to fathom just how precious Jesus truly is. I mean, truly, It's impossible. Jesus, the messiah, who 2,000 + years later is still radically redeeming His lost people(s) from all around the face of the earth through missions. 
He's regenerating precious hearts and souls towards the deepest love. 
In spirit and in truth. Even when, we have countlessly shaken our blood-bought fists back at Him. Telling Him, No! And yet still, He's calling His sons and daughters back home towards glory. Oh how He loves us.. 
He is faithful. Growing a steadfast spirit within us, which fruit ought to bear holiness and righteousness, in Him.
This to me my friend, is the ultimate treasure! The glorious work of our Savior in action. Right now.

For where your treasure is so your heart will be also. " 
 - Matthew 6:21 - Jesus

        I've recently been thinking to myself. As I often do. About how it's so easy to forget such a wonderful truth. Why do we not really understand, think, or even meditate in prayer often, on the ultimate treasure that we have? Which is Christ. Of course, we occupy and busy ourselves in daily life. But, I know it's easy for many people to think of this truth "Jesus being our treasure" as merely eloquent speech, a theological concept, or worst of all, a non-existent thought in the brain at all. Now, my hope that this stirs our thinking and even our hearts towards a deeper search and longing for Jesus. An inexcusable urgency. If you're a believer, Jesus is everything.
Our consuming pursuit in life. Our all in all.

"The man who has God for his treasure has all things in one." 

- A. W. Tozer

My prayer for us all, is to better understand and encounter our savior in a deeper way. We have a heavenly storehouse that is full to the brim of treasures in which we cannot merit, or buy. It's in Jesus! 
Get alone with Him, and allow Him to be your ultimate treasure in life. 
Forever & ever. Amen.

From the mountains of Montana, or to the ends of the earth,
Jordan Scarbrough

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