Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hearing God's Voice.

        The past few years have been quite the adventure as I've struggled, grown, and fought the good fight to pursue a rock solid relationship with Jesus. Iv'e been abundantly blessed to attend a Discipleship Training School (DTS) through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Baguio City, Philippines in 2011. Which kickstarted my desire to pursue missions. For life. While in my training I begun recording music with an iPhone and fell in love with the process of capturing audio and engineering. Returning to the sates (Eugene, Oregon) I had the inspiration and opportunity to start a recording studio, which I did, and named it Kingdom Culture Recording. It was an incredible experience. From seeing God's faithfulness in everything, to the amazing people I was blessed to meet and serve with. And even the consistent struggles in life, that God was helping me overcome. 

"Pray for us, that the word of The Lord may run and be glorified." - 2 Thessalonians 3:1 | Living Out Missions.

       All the while, there was still a deep longing for more of God. With a missions minded heart that I knew was still burning to learn, and also serve the nations. This brings me to 8 months ago, finding a 1990's black & white Youth With A Mission directory book (Go Manual) at a local Goodwill store in Eugene, Oregon. In it had a giant advertisement for an Audio Engineering School in YWAM Lakeside, Montana. Immediately I contacted the school director, and he informed me that he was starting up a brand new course in september designed to equip audio engineering missionaries for the mission field. Exactly the same calling and desire towards missions that I had! So in faith I prayed, applied, got accepted, and then joined the course. I spent three months in school seeking the Lord everyday, as well as growing my skill and education as an missionary engineer (Musicianary). This brings us to the now, eight months later. I have finished my course and I am currently on staff here at the international missionary base in Montana. Training and discipling students from all around the world in the next audio course in April. My prayer is to have this base as a training & launching site. From which I can travel with my completely mobile recording setup to different countries. To serve, train, and reach the unreached people(s) of the world with the Gospel.

"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." 
- Romans 10:17 | The Wholly Bible.

       Now, I write all of this as an update on my life, not out of pride or selfish ambition, but to exalt Christ. Also to encourage my fellow believers to Hear God's Voice in different circumstances as we walk out our faith. I'm honestly not the popular charismatic guy that gets "prophetic words" or sees "extravagant visions" from God. The times in which I clearly hear from Him are most often while I'm alone and rooted in the Bible. Seeking Him wholeheartedly, in spirit and truth. 

Not in a loud musical worship service. But in fact, when I'm worshipping Him while reading and meditating on His word alone. That's when He graciously opens my eyes to new insight. It's like buried treasure that's imbedded deep within scripture. Which for me, is more precious than any amount of silver or gold that this world could offer. Encountering Him, with new thoughts, ideas, and purpose, that usually leaves me in tears of joy and gratitude knowing that He is still speaking to His sons and daughters. He also speaks often times through the little circumstances in our life that aren't so little to Him. For example, the Goodwill YWAM book experience I had. Those divine times, I believe, are strategically placed puzzle pieces that orchestrate God's sovereignty and purposeful plan in our lives. He is always looking for opportunities to speak to us and deepen a relationship with us. The question is, my dear friends, are you doing the same for Him? 

I encourage you, to strip yourself of earthly distractions. 
As I often need to. Get alone with God and His word. 
Meditate on it and seek Him. ---> He's speaking today!

 From the mountains of Montana, or to the ends of the earth. 
- Jordan Scarbrough


  1. I am thankful for you Jordan. God bless you more each day you serve Him in love! Thank you for the Truth you express to others so faithfully!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Inspiring words and good encouragement for us all. Definitely God has been over and over again the importance of time in His Word.