Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reaching Out

Blessings from Baguio City, Philippines!

Our Discipleship Training School has gone though 10 Lecture weeks already! "Bible Interpretation, Godly Relationships, Biblical World-View, Forgiveness, Plumb-line, Father Heart of God, Discipleship, Worship, Spiritual Warfare, and Missions. And we are on our last week of class and preparation for our 3 month outreach here in the Philippines. The last few weeks have been very busy with assignments,lectures,studies,preparation,meetings,writing/recording. But God has been so faithful and amazing in giving, in strength, and also in applying so many new teachings for my life.

About 2 weeks ago I was truly inspired to compose a song that was personal, yet could relate with many people, and also to use this as a fundraiser for my mission outreach on October 1oth the the Northern Philippine Mountains. So, thankfully my song "James" came to be real, and decided to record it with what I have. The vocal ideas was stuck in my mind for days, and then finally finished writing it musically. This was the first time to record a song with all 6 tracks on an iphone and then to mix/master it on my laptop. Amazingly everything went so smooth and better than expected! "Thank you Lord!" One of the students here "Judy" from China, helped in doing back up Vocals and did a great Job! I played the acoustic guitar,vocals, lead guitar line, and beatbox/drum. So Blessed how it turned out, Hope you can listen, and enjoy it! :)

  • As we prepare for outreach for 3 months, I please ask for much needed PRAYER!
  • All the preparation, practice, the fund raising we can do so we can all go.
  • For God to lead the team, and our hearts to be transformed continually in giving/serving others.
  • For the Visa I need to stay in the philippines another 2 months is 200.00
  • For the funds to come in that are due October 10th for me to go, 400.00
And most of all, To bring his people into the Kingdom sharing the Love and Truth of The Gospel.

Thank you all so much for your Support and Prayers.
Blessings! Jordan Scarbrough.



  1. Great song! Thanks so much for sharing. We are praying for you as you finish these last weeks of lecture and prepare for the outreach. Where are you going for outreach?

  2. Hello Jordan:
    It's Oct 22 & this is the first time I have seen your blog! It's awesome to see & hear what God has done & is doing in your life! One of my favorite entries was the 8/12/11 "Jesus & Music." It was so cool to see/hear you & the others sing & play music together! Read 2Peter 1:3-8 "Making One's Calling & Election Pure" (too long to write :) Blessings, Donna